At ACN, every month is a good month to celebrate women. In July, we’re continuing the momentum of Women’s History Month by honoring more women IBOs and telling their stories of empowerment.


For 17 years, Megan Williams has been educating customers and prospective entrepreneurs about the value of ACN. That’s an impressive commitment to the ACN opportunity, to her team of entrepreneurs and to herself as a leader, difference maker and Independent Business Owner. In her 20s, Megan developed young minds as a high school teacher, showing students their potential and guiding them down a path toward increased confidence and accomplishment. That’s not a far cry from what she is doing with ACN. Today, she is engaging and inspiring a team of motivated IBOs to find their own path and purpose, to discover their worth and find fulfillment with this opportunity.


“I taught high school in my 20s and earned a Masters degree to be a principal,” Megan Williams says. “My brother invited me to join ACN and I’ve been an IBO for 17 years. I wanted to be home with my kids and that’s why I joined the business. I also liked the idea of not selling a product but that I was offering essential services.


Megan was attracted to ACN because of the opportunity to work her own schedule and take care of her children at home. She was also interested in sharing ACN’s portfolio of essential services with her peers, friends and family, and contributing to people’s personal and professional growth through the opportunity. This especially hit home with the prospect of helping women achieve in a company where the playing field is even and advancement is earned through hard work.


“I love helping women have options,” Megan says. “I have a lot of single ladies who work with us and who want to have options, but they have golden handcuffs on – either they make too much money or they stay at home and don’t make any money. Women find this appealing because you can still be successful and have time. It takes work, but it’s an equal playing field. It doesn’t matter what your gender is, everyone uses services and we are offering them choices. That’s what I like about the opportunity the most. A busy lady can work this business and get great results because we have a great system in place.”


Megan teaches her team to have confidence and shows them how to overcome doubt by taking action and letting the opportunity work for them.


“This opportunity has helped my confidence,” Megan says. “Sometimes as women our emotions or fear can get the better of us. It’s OK to feel the doubt, but taking action will eliminate fear or doubt. The action cures everything. I remember thinking I know how to do this. I’m going to teach people how to do it. I remember calling people saying this is your business. Let’s do this! It was kind of scary to be the boss all of a sudden. Even inviting, you might ask, ‘What are they going to think of me?None of that matters.”


“People will sort themselves. Don’t worry about the doubts or fears. Just do the work and you’ll get the results you’re looking for. Work will cure everything.”


As Megan guides and teaches her team, she shows them what to focus on and how to tap into their talents and motivation. Her ability to see and leverage the potential of her team has not only made Megan a successful IBO, it has made her an approachable coach, leader, teacher, friend and mentor.


“Focus on what you really want,” Megan says. “Because you can get it if you focus on the positives. In two years, I felt comfortable enough to quit my normal job and do this full time. ACN has been a huge blessing.”


*Refer to the ACN Compensation Plan for complete details. Earnings as an ACN IBO are based solely upon the successful sale of products to customers and their usage of those products. Individuals will incur expenses in operating their ACN business, such as the sign-up and monthly business support fees, as well as other possible operating expenses. As with any business, earnings and success at ACN are not guaranteed but depend primarily on the individual’s persistence, effort, and results of acquiring customers personally and/or through their team. Individuals will not earn income and will lose money as an IBO if customers are not acquired. IBOs must refer to and comply with all Terms & Conditions as stated on the product pages on the IBO’s ACN Personal Webpage
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