After creating a successful home based business for the past 18 years, we often get questions about starting a home based business. The answer is simple: decide. But realistically there are so many variables to consider for your financial successes.


The Distributor Question


Most home based business allows a “distributor” to buy in as a member and therefore get the discounts allotted to them. Then they can turn around and sell the product to their friends, family, and associates and generate the difference in profit. This model is nice because the products is already created, its housed and distributed by the sister company, and so the risk is usually very low. However, there are ongoing quotas and demands for constant sells. If someone else likes the product, there is a bit of leverage created as they also become a distributor and a percentage then flows up to you in an override.


Though this has some merit and value, there is continue overhead and quotas to meet to receive these moneys. This is what gives home based business a bad rap. Constant sells, auto-ship, and reminding others to order enough to make your quotas.


What to Consider


When looking at a home based business and the value to start one, you have to ask yourself these questions: do I want to sell this product? Would I be open to constant vigilance to remind and promote these products monthly? Am I willing to play by the rules of these companies and their “coding”?


Another home base business option is the sales of crafts and clothing via online forums such as Etsy or Amazon. These are great, because they allow for creative liberties and focus on personal style. However, in these businesses there is great deal of upfront costs in clothing, heat presses, Crickets machines and such. Unlike network marketing, you hold all the risk, inventory, and marketing elements. You also have to be willing to give some of the profits in fees to these online stores, that assist you in selling your product. The advantages are that you get to decide when you work, how much you do, and what your focus is. You don’t have to pressure family or friends to buy but hope that “searching” your product will reveal itself in these mediums.


What solution did we find?


There are thresholds and requirements in every business, you can’t get something for nothing. However, we were grateful to have a business that as you meet each threshold and create successes, the effects are lasting, without constant “auto-ships” to keep up the income, no overhead to house and pay out of pocket prior, and offer something that actually brings more value to others without costing huge amounts. It is true residual income because it is service based, not product sales driven.


Our Partnerships


We partnered with a company that allows us to broker essential services. They have a fair business model with achievable thresholds. The return is amazing, and it can generate any amount one wishes to pursue. As we build value to others, we can find the best fit between the different partnered companies. With the added value it’s simple to start to create referrals and interest through these connections throughout the business world. Thus, moving past the “family or friends” pressure.


With our companies there is true value when one can reduce costs or give more value to a bill everyone pays already. Since you pay bills like wireless, merchant processing, energy, and identity theft protection monthly, you receive reoccurring income. Something to think about. Plus, when others like the idea of monetizing essential services there is the opportunity to profit share in all the commissionable revenue. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.


So how do you start a home based business? You decide! What is your goal? Quick money? Temporary fades? Creative outlet? Or lasting residual income with limitless possibilities? Let’s start your home based business with us today. Contact us now.




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