If the current coronavirus pandemic taught us anything, it’s the importance of having a side gig. With The System, you earn money when people pay their regular bills, like their utility bill or their wireless bill, making it a pandemic-proof business. After all, people still used their phones and used their home or apartment’s utilities. It’s a great way to make a little extra money during tight times. Below, we’ll go over some of the ways working within The System gives you a pandemic-proof business.




Before, during, and after the pandemic, people use internet. With The System, we have a way of helping our team members earn money through their side business when people pay their internet bill. Because many people use internet in their homes and offices, it makes complete sense to earn a little extra money each month when people pay those bills.


Phone Companies


You pay your cell phone bill every month. In fact, most people pay their cell phone bill each month. It’s how people still use their phones. Earn a little extra money each month with The System when people pay their cell phone bills. With The System, we work to coach you on ways to show other people the best practices to earn a little extra money each month, even on a small-scale basis.




Nowadays, even with all the different ways to watch TV, many people still have cable in their homes. With The System, we partner with one of the more well-known cable companies in the country in order to earn a little extra money once people pay their cable bills. The more people you have in your network, the more money you’ll earn from them.




Just like with your phone bill, you paid an energy bill before and during the pandemic. As long as you own or rent your home or office space, you can earn a little extra money each month through The System. We work with different energy companies to get a small portion of people’s energy bills re-directed to you.


Security and Automation


We’ve partnered with a security and automation company that re-directs a portion of monthly bills back to you. With many people choosing security systems for their homes, it’s a great way to make sure you earn extra money each month for you and your family.


Payment Processing


With The System,we have different ways to get money back with payment processing. This works for a variety of different industries, meaning anyone can benefit from the payment processing service. Plus, there’s no hidden fees and it’s completely customizable for you.


Now more than ever, people need to find different ways for a pandemic-proof business. Many companies adjusted to the pandemic while others shut down. The System is one of those pandemic-proof businesses. We’ve worked with countless people and groups over the last 17 years to build a side gig that works for them. If you’re interested in building a side business that generates income for you, contact us now.



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