Do you ever wish you could work for yourself? With The System, you have the opportunity to become an independent business owner. Since becoming an IBO 17 years ago with The System, we both worked in traditional employment fields, we’ve built $30 million in revenue a year with residual income. Through The System, you’ll have access to free ongoing coaching, which we feel makes becoming an IBO even more worth it. Below, we’ll talk a little bit about The System and how becoming an IBO can help in your life overall.


Step-by-Step Training


When you first start out with The System, you may have many different questions. That’s fine! We provide step-by-step training that guides you through the process of your side business.


Ongoing Training


In addition to step-by-step training when you first start out, we also offer continuous ongoing training. Ongoing training gives you the chance to hone your skills while still providing you with the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.


Proven Track Record


We have a proven track record of helping people earn residuals and extra income this month. It’s what becoming an IBO is all about. With our mentorship program, we provide you the ability to continually talk with us and help you stay on the right track.


More Independence


As an independent business owner, you have much more independence in your life. Whether you choose this as a side gig or a more consistent job, you have the opportunity to choose which you’d like. Also, it means you’re the one who can make decisions about your business. You’re the boss. You set the tone for the business.




Because you have more independence, you set the pace in terms of flexibility and the lifestyle you want to lead. If you’re tired of working so many hours that you miss out on family things, becoming an IBO gives you the chance to have more flexibility in your work and personal life.


Learning Opportunities


Finally, becoming an IBO gives you learning opportunities that other people don’t have access to. This is especially true with The System. Again, we give you access to different types of coaching throughout your time with us.


Becoming an IBO is worth it if you’re prepared to work for it. With The System, we provide many different techniques that set you off on a successful path as an IBO. If you’re interested in joining The System, contact us now.
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